Here you will find a selection of our realised projects.


As external change experts, we support the internal change team during the construction of the new Swiss Re Next headquarters at the Mythenquai in Zurich.

next. swissre. com/en/e

  • International kick-off meeting
  • Establishment of the internal structure for a successful change process with over 60 ambassadors
  • Conception of the change process according to the ADKAR methodology ADKAR methodology (Awareness - Desire - Knowledge - Ability - Reinforcement)
  • Participation in workshops, info meetings, change communication, change tools
  • Conducting pre- and post-surveys nationally and internationally
  • Move-in mid-September 2017- Acceptance and post-survey still open
  • Good, emotional integration of the change enabler (ambassadors, line manager etc.)
  • post-Survey will be done in February 2018

Dynamisation of the corporate culture and gradual introduction of new working environments and methods, starting with the development department. Goal: More and faster new developments with shorter "time to market" and thus a stronger market positioning in relation to international competitors (especially from Asia).

  • Inspection of reference objects with abstraction to your own project.
  • Workshop with top management and the user representatives from the specialist teams.
  • Careful, iterative planning with pilot areas
  • Expansion of the development department to include an additional floor with design of new working environments in the "flow concept", which also favours agile working methods such as SCRUM.
  • Evaluation and selective adjustments (light reflections on the screen etc.)
  • Fast conversion into an open, dynamic and project-oriented new working environment that optimally supports agile work for large projects in a team
  • Broad acceptance and fresh creative power by the individual teams
  • High Satisfaktion with the agile «SCRUM process» for product development
  • SBB's new location strategy aims to concentrate office buildings in a few centres in Switzerland
  • In the new buildings, the "Workplace Evolution" will be consistently aligned with the guidelines of the "New Worlds of Work" with flexible working methods
  • The aim is to strengthen customer orientation, increase the attractiveness of employers, increase employee satisfaction, improve sustainability and increase efficiency.
  • Optimal support for employees when relocating their locations
  • Overall concept with integrated change management for several locations
  • Implementation of a comprehensive change management with a strong involvement of the employees
  • Strong involvement of management and top executives as ambassadors for the New Worlds of Work
  • High level of employee participation
  • Many persuaded cadres and top management, who support the change idea
  • Transfer and responsibility from more and more change projects to employees

Design of various instruments for the optimal consultation, guidance and stimulation of ideas for customers in the planning of new working environments.

  • LO Forum "- customer platform with a tour of unique projects
  • Analysis tool «LOve"» for evidence-based consulting of new projects more
  • Information films for customers and sales staff more
  • Trade fair concept for the Workplace Strategy Expo more
  • New, fact-based consultations for optimal project planning
  • Emotional consultation process by means of short films about new working environments and the «flow concept»
  • Popular customer forum with a look «behind the scenes» of new projects.

Study- and Incentive trip for top customers to Silicon Valley, USA.

  • Visit to the KYOCERA development department in Concorde.
  • Visit to other start-up companies and trend scouts (Swisscom) in the Valley
  • Action-packed accompanying programme with catamaran, bikes, fire-fighting vehicles etc.
  • Informative insight for customers into the future of new products and service concepts
  • Dialogue between developers and key customers
  • Loyalty and future orientation of the best customers

A research design established by the ZHAW and ETH Zurich, which empirically crystallises and precisely describes the decisive criteria in terms of user comfort, well-being/health and performance. Focus: Comparison of old and new office buildings. Creation of a compendium and toolset that permits evidence-based analysis and project consulting with benchmarking.

  • Cooperation with a total of 9 industrial partners and the CTI (Committee for Technology and Industry, Berne) bpa manages the project for the business partner and coordinates the measurements on the object
  • Double on-site measurements (summer – winter) on the object as well as an intensive employee survey in order to evaluate objective and subjective factors.

Investment calculator for sustainable office buildings: To the RoI calculator


New, important findings regarding disturbing factors such as light, noise, air and interior design have been gained New is a"benchmark database" to compare object parameters in the own building category Healthier, more pleasant and more productive interior design becomes possible - especially for the planning of the New Work Environments.