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World of Work - Less office, more Life

In competitive, dynamic markets, top performance and lowest costs are crucial. New working environments and -forms will enable to increase the commitment, communication, teamwork and innovative spirit of employees. More creativity, health and productivity at lower cost.

With which technologies and business models will you perform in 5 years time? How should your workplace be designed to attract talent and support top performance?

Invest in people, their skills, well-being and personal growth. As Workplace Consultants, we will be happy to design a holicitc 360° concept for your New Work Environment to meet future demands.

balanced performance advises you as a general contractor. We support the entire transformation process and help to align it successfully within your company.


The management of space is perhaps the least respected - and most effective - tool for bringing about cultural change, speeding up innovation projects and promoting the learning process.

Tom Peters

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Working the Smart Way

How do leading companies manage to be at the forefront of the market? Today, it is essential to attract the right talent, build up productive networks and create a working environment in which employees can exploit their own potential.

For this New World of Work – work 4.0 – there are three core areas of action:

  • People: Workstyle, leadership, culture of trust
  • Place: Workplace, with a freedom of choice where to work within a multizone concept for optimal performance
  • Process: The interconnected company with self-organisation and decentralized, global intelligence, lean processes and the latest ICT technology. In the future, the knowledge worker will work anytime, anywhere and anyhow, based on a MbO process.

The workplace should be used and not owned; We need perfect workplaces for researching, producing, concentrating, communicating, learning and resting. Today's rigid structures are hardly suitable as a driving force for innovation, communication and teamwork.


Office design with Artificial Intelligence (AI)



Holistic Consulting 360 °

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© zhaw, Institution for Facility Management, Prof. L. Windlinger

Supporting the Change Process

In the process of change you will be advised and accompanied by us with a wealth of experience. We organize visits to reference companies in advance, arrange workshops and prepare you optimally for the working process in the New World of Work. Our focus is on the active participation of everyone and the «learning and further development» of your organisation.

Holistic Consulting graphic

Evaluation – Onboarding Key people

  • Evaluation of the starting position, goal and purpose
  • Analysis and personal interviews of key people
  • Pre-survey for all employees
  • Definition of settings & layout for the rough concept and Pilot project to generate real user experiences to gain key insights

Involve – Onboarding Ambassadors

  • Attract user representatives and ambassadors for the change process
  • Present idea and layout of the New World of Work
  • Understand key findings from the user's point of view (gains & pains), surveys, observation and self-awareness in the sample office

Enable – Onboarding employees & management

  • Introduce and discuss the concept of «smart, activity-based working»
  • Process the feedbacks in the workplace planning
  • Elaboration and presentation of the final concept
  • Workshops on corporate culture, agile working, new technologies & leadership
  • Dialogue Sessions: Breakfast seminars, Townhall Meetings, Friday beer etc.

Supervision – Move-in & anchoring

  • Help with move-in process
  • Start «pulse measurement» - regular measurement of satisfaction and determination of relevant potential to optimise
  • Realise quickly all sensible improvements
  • Fine-tuning with individual adjustments and anchoring of the New World of Work

Develop – Continuous learning cycles

  • Focusing the second wave of a «learning organisation»
  • «Thriving» - towards professionalisation, growth and innovation
  • Adaptation of workplace concept for co-creation & networking
  • Follow-up pulse measurement / post-survey

We look forward to hearing from you.

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