Let your ideas continue to brood in the creative team. We offer you three fascinating possibilities:

Innovation Lab

At Empa's NEST in Dübendorf, a major project is being developed to market maturity in cooperation with the right engineers, developers, creative minds, office planners, programmers, etc.

Today, there is often a large gap between technologies that work in the laboratory and the market that demands reliable, mature products. NEST accelerates the innovation process by providing a platform for testing, improving and demonstrating what's new under real-life conditions.

The NEST was specially designed for a short development time with sequential test phases and a fast «time to market». It is unique for Switzerland in this way.

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Co-creation Workshops

At your company or at the Ideation Room of ETH Zurich's Technopark in Zurich, we launch the first step towards the maturing of new products, services or business models.

As a methodology, we follow the design thinking process with rapid prototyping and intensive customer involvement.

A larger team and project quickly becomes concrete by using the methodology of the «6 Thinking Hats » to crystallize the core of the problem. Based on this, completely new approaches, ideas and multidisciplinary approaches to solutions are possible.

And even more inspiring: A co-creation workshop together with a company (e. g. Swisscom, LO) or other creative minds around the world.

Workshop «Digital Transformation»

Workshop «New World of Work»

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Study Trips

Every year we organize a thematically focused study trip to the Silicon Valley together with the leading futurologist and trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky. This takes place at the end of the summer holidays and lasts one week, in 2018 from 20 to 24 August 2018.

Impressions and programme: here

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Thanks to our worldwide unique contacts, we can also arrange thematically focused study trips with specific company visits for you.

China (planned: Spring 2018)

Israel (planned: November 2017)

or your specific wishes.

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