World of Innovation

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World of Innovation

Over the next 30 years, we'll encounter some of the greatest transitions that any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is already affecting every part of our lifes...every business, every industry, every society...even what it means to be «human». These changes show no signs of slowing down; In fact, they’re accelerating rapidly. The world urgently needs a new mindset and toolset to overcome the challenges of technological disruption. 

Fresh innovative power usually demands a change in culture and strategy. And to make the organisation more dynamic, we recommend agile forms of work.

After all, innovation must be approached proactively, leaving the «comfort zone»: Stability is followed by Volatility, security is followed by Uncertainty, while simple processes are followed by Complex structures and there’s Ambiguity rather then clarity. But also a demanding, purging and pioneering process for the future viability of the company.

World of innovation

Driving Innovation

Based on the «Design Thinking approach», the «Business Model Canvas» helps us to ask the right questions to explore new products, services and business processes. With this methodology we follow an intuitive, fast and creative process in real time. Time to market and costs are thus reduced considerably and the customer's benefit stays always dominant in the focus.

With this vibrant approach, a completely new Customer Experience is created, which again enables true customer enthusiasm!



Shaping the future strategy

Where do we want to be in five years? Which products, service models, platforms, talents and customers will we be successful with?

The most important date of the year is the appointment with your own business strategy for the future. Analyses from the London Business School show that with a consistent strategy, 3x higher sales growth can be expected, employee productivity is 6x higher and there’s virtually no risk of bankruptcy anymore.

So: How do customers, products and processes change? Where do new business models arise? Where do markets break off? And the most important question: What role will humans play in the intelligent technology world of tomorrow?

Make the quick check: How well prepared is your company for the future?



Ready for a future-prospects workshop ?

As forward-looking experts, we support you in defining your internal strategy.

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Defining the Digital Transformation

«Digitalise or die!» – Analogically to «Differenciate or die - Survival in our era of Killer Competition» by Peter Drucker we will work out the best possible business model for your industry. We also evaluate brand new approaches from the Silicon Valley, Israel, Japan and China to find your own, unique strategy.

This Workshop is designed to help the management to shape the future with new digital business models. Together we will develop a digital businessline-strategy to secure your future competence.

  • Digital moduls: trends and its connection to the workplace design
  • Gap-analysis of status quo – target (future ability)
  • Evaluation and expansion of business model
  • Customer and employee experience
  • Process model: Digital, integrated strategy (case study)
  • Vision - Customers - Employees - Big Data - Office as a Service Hub - Design in constant change
  • Reflection of what we have learned


Cooperation with

Evaluating new Business Models

Where do we want to be in 5 years? Which products, service models, platforms, talents and customers will we use to shape our business in the future?

With years of experience and all our insights into fast-growing markets in Silicon Valley, Israel, Japan, China etc., we will elaborate a strategy map to achieve your goals. Together, we’ll proceed pragmatically and iteratively according to the methodology of «Design Thinking».


Adapting smart Leadership

An exemplary leadership with passion is THE success factor in implementing a new culture and strategy.

The key factors in achieving top performance are a culture of trust and an emotional, inspiring cooperation.

The balanced performance agency helps managers to develop leadership effectively, oblige employees to achieve goals and implement the strategy successfully.

Based on the Solution Circle, you will learn how to analyse employees faster, guide them solution-oriented and motivate them towards the common goal. The key elements of successful management are linked to the essential factors of a value-oriented corporate strategy. The result will be felt in an increase in the overall performance of the company.


Building «Motivation 4.0»

Your driving force in the Change process

Forget the classic, extrinsic motivation with incentives and executive compensation. This way you won't win the real talents for your company.

Today's employees are looking for new working models (anytime - anywhere - anyhow), stimulating workplaces, transparency, meaningfulness and a culture of trust: Results, not presence count. Trust instead of control.

Together we’ll consistently pursue a value-enhancing corporate development. Always well balanced, in regard to productivity and the well-being of your employees.



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