Megatrends, Trends & Fads

In addition to the big, approx. 32 years long megatrends, the short five year trends are a constant challenge to your business model and product range.


At present, most investment capital is currently invested in Life Science projects (Health Tech) and user cases in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Autonomous driving, engineering, education and game solutions are in the foreground. In the health technology sector, new applications are coming to market thanks to «deep learning» (tissue analysis, etc.). Speech recognition is making breathtaking progress thanks to the latest neural translation machines (DeepL) and automated learning.

There is still a great deal of uncertainty in FinTech projects, which calls for a stabilisation phase and concentration on specific industry solutions.

Every year we will visit the most important regions, companies and scientists who create new ideas at the forefront of innovation work. Thanks to this «trend scouting» we can record new developments at an early stage and evaluate them in respect to your company.


What can be digitized will be digitized.

Joel Barbier, Director at Cisco Systems, San Francisco Bay Area, 2017

The 4 Main Trends

Holistic Consulting graphic


Holistic Consulting graphic

Megatrends mark the big changes in society, they intrude globally, lasting, deeply changing habits and needs like the Globalisation, the Change in the age pyramid, Individualisation or the ever more and more important Role of the women.



You are at the forefront of trends! For this purpose, we offer you unique, first-hand insights during our study trips:


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